Top 5 Best Savannah and Serval Cat Videos on YouTube

Looking for some of the best Serval cat videos on YouTube? How about some information about the Savannah? If so, check these 5 out!

Looking for some of the cutest Savannah and Serval cat videos on YouTube?

You might be if you’re considering adopting one of these unique cat breeds!

Even if you’re just curious about their personalities, these top videos will help you out.

Let’s dive right in and check them out!

Best Serval Cat Videos on YouTube

The Serval Cat, an African breed, is prized for its unique “wild cat” appearance.

That makes sense, since it technically IS a wild cat…it’s just been domesticated in some countries.

Some feel that they don’t belong in homes and recommend adopting a Savannah instead (a cross between Serval and a truly domesticated cat).

While the debate continues to rage, one this is certain: they are beautiful creatures.

So, let’s not waste any more time and get to the real reason you’re here: to watch Serval cat videos!

Looking for some of the best Serval cat videos on YouTube? How about some information about the Savannah? If so, check these 5 out!

1. Cat has fun with Box – Savannah Cat TV.

Watch the long-legged cat have fun with a box and play with other cats that live with her. Get enchanted with her looks and activities and roll out laughing on the floor.

The owner of the channel Savannah Cat Tv has many cats, including this wild species. Hence, the person shares videos often to show how his Savannah Cat enjoys with them.

You will get to witness many more awesome videos on this channel and can efficiently satisfy your craving for having a cat as a pet and loving it.


2. Serval: The Jumping Cat

This one shows off all of the finesse and grace that this breed is known for.

After watching, it’s easy to see how they came to be called “the jumping cats.”

It’s a relatively quick watch- just under six minutes long.


3. Savannah Cats are so Adorable – Laugh Tv

Indeed, they are adorable, and watching them being loved and running around is incredible.

If you still have any doubts about them being similar to the leopards, this video is for you.

Watch this video compilation by Laugh Tv and learn amazing facts about these wild cats. You can see them playing with toys, bathing in a bathtub, etc.

You can also hear the extraordinary sound that a Savannah Cat makes in one of the short videos. This educative yet funny video also shows you the abilities that this cat has.


4. Top 10 Tips on Owning a Savannah Cat 

Considering adopting a Savannah but not sure if one is right for you?

Don’t worry, we have brought you an entire video full of tips to help you out!

You can learn the essential requirements of owning this breed.

Their lifestyle, mood depiction, food habits, etc., everything is explained in detail.


5. Secret Creature: The Serval Cat

This stunning video showcases Servals in the wild and documents their plight.

Did you know that people poach and use them for “medicinal” purposes???

That’s enough to turn your stomach inside out.

Given that Serval cats are losing population numbers by the day as humans encroach on their territory, they definitely deserve more attention.

Whether it’s ethical to own one in your home remains to be determined, but at the very least we can spread awareness of their plight.

Supporting cute Serval cat videos on YouTube helps make others aware of these gorgeous wild cats!

What are your favorite Serval cat videos? Share below!


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