6 Serval Cat Sounds & What They Mean [Videos]

An alert serval cat fixes its eyes and ears on a central point. Serval cat sounds

If you’re curious about how serval cat sounds compare to other types of felines, stick around!

Today, we are here to familiarize you with the different sounds that they make.

First, though,  let’s look at some of the facts related to this wild cat.

Then, we’ll check out some videos showcasing their chirps, hisses, and meows!

Facts on the Servals

These cats are one of the beautiful African cat species that resembles the leopard’s looks.

Though this cat is a big animal attraction, nobody can deny that it is wild and has instincts.

  • It’s not unheard of to find a 40-pound African Serval Cat in the wild environment, which, in captivity, can be a huge cat to deal with.
  • To own these solitary animals, you need to have a large setup so that they can move around freely like they do in the wild.
  • You will also need to feed them suitable food items, including- as you’ll see in the videos below- whole raw chicken!
  • Their coat is short, and they can grow up to 2.7 feet in length. In captivity, they can live up to 20 years.
  • Servals are very energetic and always stay active, so they need a family that can engage them both physically and mentally.
  • They are good diggers, and due to their long legs, they can catch prey by jumping.

It’s also important to note that Serval cats are WILD cats, so there are countless moral, ethical, and legal ramifications involved with keeping them as pets.

An alert serval cat fixes its eyes and ears on a central point. Serval cat sounds

Serval Cat Sounds

Now that we have told you some facts about these wild cats, it is time to depict the different sounds they make and understand their communication style.

Serval cats have various vocal sounds. These include spitting noise, growling, purring, chirping, and even sort of whispering.

They also have a high-pitched cry like the wolves to summon their mates and rejoin their group.

While this cry is not familiar in households, the other sounds are commonly heard.

Let’s look at a few videos showcasing the different Serval sounds.

We’re also including some Savannah cat meows since that breed is a hybrid of the Serval and a truly domesticated cat.

1. Chirping Serval Cat Sounds

Fast-forward to about a minute in and start listening for the adorable serval chirp!


2. Serval Growling During Feeding Time

If you need evidence that Servals are truly wild animals, just watch how Stryker reacts to chicken.

3. Hissing Serval Cat Sounds

4. Serval Grunts, Yips and Squeaks

5. Savannah Cat Sounds and Meows

You can check out the different types of sounds made by a captivated Savannah cats by watching the video below.

This video showcases various situations like how the cat sounds in the morning or when it is in a chatty mood, and so on.

To know your cat better and communicate with her to the fullest, you need to familiarize yourself with her vocal sounds.

Once you have mastered it, you will enjoy your cat’s company and love her even more and fulfill her demands.

Can you think of any other unique Serval sounds that we missed? Share below!

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