Breed Overview

“It’s really hard to be around cats and ‘act like you’re not interested!”- Pediatrician Joanne O’Sullivan

Affectionate and playful, but also reserved — these are some of the traits this species shares. Meet the Serval, one of the most elusive big cats in the world. Let’s make their life more comfortable by providing them with food and shelter!

The African Serval, or Leptailurus serval, is a medium-sized wild cat found in Africa. It has a golden to sandy brown coat with black spots and streaks. The serval’s ears are large and rounded with white tufts on the inside of each ear. They have a long tail that helps them balance and jump high in trees.

Servals live on the grassy plains of Africa where they eat insects, frogs, birds, rodents, reptiles and carrion. They stalk their prey until within leaping distance before taking it down with one quick leap.

Serval cats are fascinating because they are the only cat in the world that can’t retract their claws. The result of this is that they are usually hunted by other animals. Their numbers have been reduced by hunting and habitat loss.

5 Facts About Serval Cats You Probably Didn’t Know

1. Servals are the second largest species of the feline family

2. They are related to both cheetahs and leopards

3. Servals have been observed in East Africa, West Asia, India, and some parts of Southern Africa

4. The serval is a solitary animal that travels by itself rather than in a pack

5. Its hunting style is unique because it waits patiently for its prey to come close before it pounces on them and kills them with a single bite to the neck or spine