About Serval Cats

East African Serval Cat are one of the three species referred to as small to medium-sized cats. The species is nocturnal and is hard to observe even at daytime because the color pattern of the Serval Cat is hard to distinguish in the long grass. This is one of the reasons why much of the species’ life style remains a mystery.

Serval Cats – Physical Characteristics

Serval Cats are often confused with Cheetah cats, yet there are some traits that help to distinguish between the two species. The Serval Cat’s body is much longer than it is tall. Generally, the Serval Cat weighs about 30 to 40 pounds and is about 22 inches high. So, the species is much larger than the domestic cat. Long legs, a long neck, and small head characterize the Serval Cat.

This species has very large erect ears that are one of the most prominent traits. The coat is yellowish to tan, with black spots and stripes. It is interesting to know that there are no identical Serval Cats. They are uniquely identified by their markings. The long tail has black rings on it. The bodys’ under parts in the Serval Cat are usually light in color ranging from white to tan.