Things to Know About Serval Cats

Serval Cats

People who are familiar with zoology or wild animals would have heard about serval cats. These cats look similar to a leopard and give you all the impression of a wild animal. And yet, there are people who have domesticated the animal and continue to call them pets. So is that safe? Should you consider having a serval cat as a pet? Read on for these answers and more.


As a native to the African grasslands, these cats are most commonly found south of the Sahara Desert. A lean body and long legs tend to separate them from the rest, and their coats are shades of tan or orange with black or dark brown markings. Thanks to these coats, the cat can disguise themselves while hunting and move ahead to have a successful catch.

If you ever wish to see one, it is best to visit a zoo or large cat rescues. Apart from that, there are also certain individuals who keep these pets as exotic animals. Should you consider doing the same? Well, the clear answer is a big no because these cats aren’t domestic pets and are wild animals. Their needs and inherited instincts call for a special environment, and that may not be found in the comfort of your home.



When it comes to their needs, serval cats usually require a place where they can swim, run, hunt, and climb. Their life revolves around these activities, and thus, bringing them to your home might interrupt their life. Even if you want to create an environment for these cats that include their needs, you will be spending a lot as the procedure is expensive. Apart from that, these cats have a special diet, and it usually revolves around what they find in the wild.

Ranging from chicken, turkey, and gizzards, their diet goes up to ducks, grouse, rats, and quail. Certain types of seafood, like shrimp, lobster, crab, eggs, oils, fruits, grass, and so on, are also known to be ideal. Due to all that, they need to be located in the wild where they can hunt and get what they need.



By now, you would have understood all about serval cats and why they cannot be your pet. To make matters all the more informative, you also need to know that legislation restricts their ownership, and it stands to be visible in several U.S. states and other countries. Hence, that sums up our take on serval cats and the many things you need to know about them.

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